postheadericon The variety of pools that you may choose to construct in your house premise

The presence of a pool on the territory of a country house does not surprise anyone. The swimming pool stationary, outdoor or indoor, or mobile, collapsible has become the same familiar element of a country house as a gazebo, garden swing, or patio. Each owner of a country house decides for himself what his pool will be like the choice depends on personal preferences, on financial possibilities and, of course, on how “inhabited” the house is in the country.In any case, no matter where the stationary indoor pool is located, the owners face the question of competent decoration and the room itself with the pool and its cup itself. What is the finest pool finish? How to choose the color of the swimming pool? What does the concept of “pool design” include?In order to know about Swimming Pool Design, you can always take the help of the internet.

Decoration of the room with a swimming pool

The room with the pool, as well as the bathroom, is considered to be wet. Therefore, the materials are usually selected moisture resistant. This, of course, is correct. However, arranging a pool, be sure to take care of reducing the humidity and about preventing the formation of mold, mildew, corrosion and other effects of the damaging effects of high humidity.If the owners took care of and arranged the ventilation, as well as installed an air dryer, then they offer ample opportunities for finishing the room in which the pool is located. It will not be too wet, so if you want you can finish the walls of the room, even with wood. In general, the choice of material largely depends on the style. The design of the pool is no less important than the design of any other room.

Swimming pool design in a country house

If the pool is located directly in the house, then designers, as a rule, try to design it in the same style that prevails in the rest of the house. For example, in a house decorated in a classic style, a room with a pool also usually represents a sample of the classics. In this case, the walls can be painted with waterproof paint, sheathed with cork panels, reverted with tiles or give preference to acrylic plaster.If the interior of the house is made in the style of country, then a great solution would be a wall covering with wood or stone cladding.Choosing an art deco style, it is worth staying at the tile and mosaic panels. Popular design pools in ethnic styles.

Pool design in the annex

If the pool is located in an annex or even in a separate building, then it may not support the style of the house. A very pleasant and interesting solution is a swimming pool in the winter garden. There is a lot of glass, wood and living plants  you don’t want to leave such a pool, especially if there is a sauna in the next room, and a small bar counter and several sun loungers appear near the pool.